These events challenge group members on decisions, sacrifice
of individual members, and innovative team selection tasks.
ABC Atlantic Beach Clubs - Corporate Team Building Events - South Florida, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale
ABC Atlantic Beach Clubs - Corporate Team Building Events - South Florida, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale
ABC Atlantic Beach Clubs - Corporate Team Building Events - South Florida, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale

  1. Kayak Relay Race Each team races out to a buoy and retrieves a bottle which is attached to the buoy. Inside the buoy will be a note or map with an item or clue which must be found and retrieved by the team. The person in the kayak must paddle to the buoy and back to the starting point, carry the bottle to the other team members where they will open the bottle and figure out their clue. They will then search for the item and bring it back to the starting point.
  1. Survival Search Duplicate items will be hidden in a certain area. Each team will be given a list of these items. One by one, each member must race to the location, find one item and return to the team. The next team member will race to the site and retrieve another item and return. If a team brings back a duplicate item, they are disqualified. The first team to find all the items without duplication wins the challenge.

  2. Sling Shot Challenge Each team will work in unison to fire their sling shot at items placed on top of a stand. The team that knocks over the most items in the allowed time wins the challenge.

  3. Javelin Challenge Teams will compete against each other by throwing their Javelin to a designated area. The team which comes closest to the bulls-eye wins the challenge.

  4. Rescue Mission Each team must build a rescue stretcher (PVC pipe, fabric & rope to be provided). The team must pick one team member to be relocated to another area. The teams will race to their downed team member, pick up onto the stretcher, them bring them back to the starting point. First team back wins the challenge.

  5. Rock Climbing Challenge Teams will compete against each other by climbing up the "Inflatable Rock." The first team to reach the to wins. An item to be retrieved can be placed on top of the "rock."

  6. Build a Fire Each team must dig a pit, search for firewood, and start a fire using Survival methods. The first team to successfully start their fire wins. An alternative version would involve placement of posts on either side of pre-dug pits with twine tied over the top. Each team must find materials to burn. The team whose fire burns through the top twine wins the challenge.

  7. Torch Relay Each team/member will be given a Tiki Torch. Each contestant must race against the other teams one by one. The first person must carry their torch to the end of the course, light their torch and return to the next team member, who then returns to the next runner. The first team to complete the relay with all their torches lit wins.

  8. Survival Squares This is a game of chess with human beings as the playing pieces. Participants may move one step at a time, flipping over each square as they move to the next. Participants may not step on a square that has been previously used. The last team able to move from one step to another wins the challenge.

  9. Scrabble As participants stand in a circle, hundreds of lettered squares are tossed into the circle. When the horn sounds, each member must scramble to retrieve as many squares as possible and return to their team base. Teams must then use the lettered squares to make as many survival words as possible. The team with the most words wins the challenge.

  10. Survival Obstacle Relay Race Teams will first be tied together with ropes attached to their waists. Teams must compete against each other my maneuvering through a course of obstacles. The first team to get all of their team members through the course wins.

  11. SOS Mission Each team must figure out a way to alert passing search aircraft for their rescue. Teams might use sand sculpting, special markers, reflective materials, etc. The teams will be judged on creativity and teamwork in solving the mission.