ABC Atlantic Beach Clubs - Corporate Team Building Events - South Florida, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale
  • Object: Teams will be given the task to design and shoot their own commercial in relation to their own company. This challenge will be judged on originality, acting and company's future focus.

  • Objective: For teams to create, in a set time and length, a commercial in relation to their own company. Team members will be given VHS camcorders (audio), props and make-up artists, etc. This event will be followed by a film review and CLIO Award Ceremony.

  • The Race: Pirates will present their completed log manifest to the Race Committee at the Reviewing Entertainment Stage. Pirates will be introduced to their Captains and Ships. Captains will give out the Blackbeard's Regatta Cup Challenge Orders along with verbal and visual safety instructions for the "Race to the Finish."


    The total group will be divided into advertising production companies. Each company will be required to produce a 2 to 3 minute commercial.

    The objective of this exercise to work together as a team to create and execute an advertisement film worthy of one of the Corporate Communications products or services. The group will be given a Team List, Team Assembly Time, Job Title Information Sheet, Technical Script Sheet, and the "Sundance Creative Film Fest Challenge."

    In order to complete their task, team members will be assigned various job titles (Director, Producer, Script Writers, Site Scouts). The film may be no less than 2 minutes or more than 3 minutes in length. There will be no editing of the "finished cut" by the teams. Each film production company will arrive at the studio at a designated time to receive cameras, props and technical assistance. When the advertisement film production is "wrapped," the team will return the "wrapped" film to the production staff. Cameras and props will be returned to the studio for the next production company. Commercials will be presented to the Studio's Critic Review Panel with technical script sheets identifying product and company name, job titles, etc.

    The teams may use available studios for the filming or "On Location" sites in and around the hotel. Studios will be scheduled for availability. The teams will be expected to cooperate with each other as "Location Sites" may be limited. Each production company will be provided with a video camera, props, a title board, staff list with job descriptions and technical assistance. Designated representatives of Corporate Communications' staff and Critic Review Panel will judge commercials based on creativity, content, acting, etc. At the Awards Ceremony team awards will be presented for the best commercials.

  • Includes:
    • Production crew assembly selection
    • Production crew color work
           shirts (returned)
    • Director caps (returned)
    • Producer cigars
    • Sundance Production outline
    • Production books
    • Props
    • Title boards
    • Technician
    • Video cameras
    • Production equipment support
    • Editing monitor Video
    • Actors Guild
    • Editing board
    • Technical script sheet
    • Wrap film reviews
    • CLIO Award Ceremony
    • LCD data projector
    • Stage
    • Background stage curtain (black)
    • Entertainment sound system
    • MC Entertainer
    • Staff - SAG members
    • Performers
            - Charlie Chaplan
            - Laura Desmond
            - Alfred Hitchcock
            - John Ford
    • Awards: CLIO Award Statues, certificates
    • Video, pictures, or album upon request