ABC Atlantic Beach Clubs - Corporate Team Building Events - South Florida, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale
  • Object: Teams are thrust into a problem challenge cue sheet, road map and compass reading task.

    Teams must solve clues, navigate and follow compass reading to hidden attractions or items and then photograph them. Teams will drive their vehicles of choice throughout this 1,2 or 3 day event. This rally will visit Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs and The Everglades to Key West..

    Teams will also be challenged with the design and development of a team name, cheer and vehicle racing insignia followed by the Safari Outback Race Parade.

  • Objective: Each team will find and photograph each clue including the entire team in the picture. Points will be awarded to clues based of difficulty and proximity.
    NOTE: Some items may be live.

  • Synthesis:
    1. How important was the team as a whole for success?
    2. What skills or talent did individual team members possess that surprised you?
    3. How did you work together as a team?

  • Includes:
    • Safari group assembly
    • Safari color tank tops (returned)
    • Safari head scout hats (returned)
    • Safari Outback Challenge instructions
    • Safari color picture album
    • Clues sheets
    • Compasses
    • Cameras
    • Film
    • Transportation
          (Vehicle of Choice)
    • Live props
    • Canteens
    • Binoculars
    • Poison snake bite kits
    • Medical kits
    • Stage
    • Entertainment sound system
    • Sound tract African/Australian music
    • MC Entertainer
    • Staff - Safari theme costumes
    • Performers
            - Crocodile Dundee
            - Jeff Corwin
            - Chicken Man
            - Paparazzi
    • Awards - ribbons, medallions, trophies
    • Video, pictures or photo album upon request