ABC Atlantic Beach Clubs - Corporate Team Building Events - South Florida, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale

  • Object: You will sail in a regatta on 32' to 52' sloops, cutters and ketches around a designated racecourse to win the coveted treasure chest.

  • The Start: The total group will be divided into six person crews and designate each crewmember with a position title and task. Crews will be given various Pirate paraphernalia and ship logs. Each crew will have a set time to create their Ship Name, Pirate Cheer, Crew Titles and design their Pirate Colors (flag) before they set sail.

  • The Race: Pirates will present their completed log manifest to the Race Committee at the Reviewing Entertainment Stage. Pirates will be introduced to their Captains and Ships. Captains will give out the Blackbeard's Regatta Cup Challenge Orders along with verbal and visual safety instructions for the "Race to the Finish."

  • Objective: Members will build trust and closeness among the crew and show the importance of interdependence of the group as whole for success.

  • Synthesis:
    1. What qualities does the group as a whole feel contribute to success?
    2. How did you work together as a team?
    3. What frustrations did the team encounter in this challenge? How were these frustrations overcome?

  • Includes:
    • Pirate assembly selection
    • Pirate color tank top rags (returned)
    • Pirate captain hats (returned)
         - (Jolly Roger)
    • Pirate crew headbands
    • Blackbeard's Regatta instructions
    • Log book
    • Treasure chart
    • Pirate facial kits
    • Coat of arms color sail
    • 32' to 52' sloops, cutters or ketches
    • Generators (if required)
    • Licensed captains
    • Stage
    • Island background stage drapes
    • 200 multi-colored event flags
    • Entertainment sound system
    • Treasure Island sound track music
    • Race Committee
    • MC Entertainer
    • Theme pirate costumes
    • Performers:
            - Blackbeard
            - One-eyed Jack
            - Admiral Nelson
            - Captain Hornblower
    • Awards
         - ribbons, medallions,
    • Video, pictures or album
         - upon request