ABC Atlantic Beach Clubs - Corporate Team Building Events - South Florida, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale

  • Object: You are about to compete in an Adventure Program with a mission. Each team will plan, design and build one hole of a golf course. You will also need to make your own golf club. Once all the courses are complete, we will have a mini golf tournament giving awards to the winning team.

  • Objective: To work together and abide by a common set of parameters. Each person will be challenged to complete the mission within a prescribed period of time, with a uniform set of resources available. The team will have to pick a touring pro, technician, designer, creative décor, image designer and construction crew.

  • Rules:
    1. Teams will be given a maximum of one hour and fifteen minutes to plan, design and construct their golf hole.
    2. Teams will be judged on their demonstrated ability to process the task through effective utilization of team building principles.
    3. One team member must be selected to score the other teams that play the team hole.
    4. Each team will assign a par number to their golf holes.

  • Includes:
    • Golf club assembly selection
    • Captain Golf Pro Hats (returned)
    • Team golf caps (returned)
    • Color team shirts (returned)
    • Rules of Competition (SOR)
    • Team registration forms
    • Final SOW reviews
    • Golf club designs
    • Golf log
    • Golf score cards
    • Generators (if required)
    • Golf hole flag colors
    • Stage
    • Golf curtains
    • 200 multi-color flags
    • Entertainment sound system
    • MC Entertainer
    • Staff - golf pro theme
    • Performers
            - Tiger Woods
            - Nick Faldo
            - Mark O'Mera
            - Jack Nicklaus
    • Awards - ribbons, medallions, trophies
    • Video, pictures or album upon request
  • Hole-in-One team building instructions
  • Large boxes of golf design components
  • National all pro golf tournament events sound track